Little Box Challenge

The Little Box Challenge is an open competition for building a smaller power inverter. It is presented by Google and IEEE and the winner will receive a $1 million US prize and international recognition.

Many power inverter designs require transformers and Noreast Electronics, being a custom transformer manufacturer, is gladly providing the team from the University of Toronto with sample transformers to use in their design.

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Noreast Electronics has established a solid reputation with some of North America's largest electronics OEM's since its inception in 1977. We are confident that our concept of full range product integration in power supply magnetics, voice/data magnetics, coupled with our excellent quality control systems and unparalleled reputation for service, makes Noreast Electronics the right choice for your magnetic needs.

Trusted "Mil. Spec" Magnetics Supplier since 1977

  • M1A1, M1A2 tank Displays, US Army
  • Encryption systems, NSA (National Security Agency)
  • Bradley striker project, US Army
  • MK45, MK47 missile deployment, US Army
  • Naval power supply, Canadian and US Navy
  • Military Radios, US and South Korean Army
  • F-18/Super hornet encryption system, US Air Force
  • Javelin Project, missile deployment, US Army
  • Induction system, B-52 arsenal, US Air force
  • Sonar and Radar, Canadian and US Army
  • Power Conversion, British Royal Air Force and Navy
  • LAV Recce, US Army
  • Black Hawk Program, US Air Force
  • AWACS Program, US Air Force

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